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Russians have spirit and passion. Just like any other relationship it will be hard at moments to understand your bride and agree with her moods.

Russian Brides

Unlike western society where people are alienated, Russians always are supportive and are ready to lend a hand to everyone in need. They need to share all the moments of happiness or misfortune. Probably they will be surprised how so many young people are leaving their parents and see them only for Christmas or Easter.

Your first task after introducing your wife to your family is to make her feel comfortable with them. Cultural differences are not one and two and the bridegroom should be patient and explain the whole system and modern traditions which we westerners follow.

Do not be jealous if your wife is kissing your brother cheeks, or hugs him every time when she sees him. Russians are warm people and these gestures are not seduction, but a way to show that they like him as a brother.

It is not strange that in Russian, the word brat (brother) is very popular and can be heard between comrades. Every scene of jealous feelings will have a negative effect on your bride and will make her feel oppressed and misunderstood.

Russians have a good education system which allows them to be active members of the foreign society. They have various interests and hobbies. Most of them have been participating in groups for arts or literature circles in high school.

Engineering and heavy industry are well developed in Russia so do not be surprised if your wife is having degree in physics or chemistry and wants to put her knowledge into practice in her new home country. The best you can do for her is to support her and guide her in the complicated recruitment labyrinths. She will appreciate this and praise you forever.

Modern Russians enjoy freedom and entertainment. Do not force your pretty bride to stay home on Friday night and watch television with you. Take her out and show her your favorite places for dining. These ladies have fantastic rhythm; invite her to a club and this will be a feast for your senses. Join her and dance like nobody is watching.

Traveling broadens your horizon. Now when you have such a charming company is the time to get on the car and escape the noise of the city. Whenever you can, tour the country and show her places which she has seen only on the map. This will help you strengthen your relationship and will be extremely interesting to her. Experiences are those tiny bolts which make the feeling real and the memories stronger.

Surprise her with flowers. Those small gestures will fill your life with romance. In Russia, March 8th is very popular holiday. In case you have not noticed it yet, this is international women's day. Under no circumstances, should you forget this occasion! It is as bad as forgetting Valentine's Day!

Be creative and make your pretty Russian bride important in your life, do not forget holidays and respect her culture. In return she will stay with you forever.


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