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10 Ways To Start Attracting The Women

Of Your Dreams This Week


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If your anything like most men then you probably spend more time wishing you had a girlfriend then you do going out to meet women. This is often called procrastination. It's when you put things off that you know you should be doing. In this article I'm going to tell you what you need to be doing this week to start improving your dating life.

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#1 Make Time To Go Out

It's impossible to have any kind of a dating life if you don't make time to meet women. Set aside at least one night out of the week for you to get out on the town. That shouldn't be too much for even the most busiest of men. Cut back on watching TV and playing video games if you have to. You have to invest some time and effort into your social life just like you would anything else.

#2 Learn A Hobby That Will Allow You To Meet Women

Next up is to find something that you can do in your spare time that allows you to meet more women and people in general. This could be dancing lessons, cooking classes, joining a bolling league, yoga, or something else all together. If you can find something where women outnumber men a great deal then you will be in a great situation.

#3 Improve Your Look

Is there something about your appearance you would like to improve on? Would you just like to change things up? Try getting yourself a new haircut, some new clothes, and a daily workout plan. Just a few tweaks here and there will make you feel good about yourself. Let's not forget that it will also get the attention of others.

#4 Meet Women Throughout The Day

Your going to have to leave the house at some point. Why don't you start some conversations with women while you are out buying groceries, going for a walk, or at the mall? Your conversations don't have to be long. Just say a few words to see where things can go from there.

#5 Make It Your Goal To Say Hi

Don't waist all your time trying to think of the prefect words to say. There are no perfect words and never have been. Just say Hi when you see a woman you would like to meet. It's a normal thing to do and you won't have to look like a creep. If she sends out a friendly vibe you can then ask her questions about herself to get her talking.

#6 Meet Women Online

I wouldn't put all your eggs in the online dating basket. I would just use it as another way of meeting women. Set up a good detailed profile of yourself. It really does need to be good and you need a picture. Start sending messages out to women by asking them a question about themselves. This question should be something you noticed about her in her profile. If you can't come up with a good question to ask then don't bother messaging her.

#7 Speed Dating Events

This is a love or hate it type of way of meeting people. I recommend that you do give one a try from time to time. Look to see what events are running in your city. The best way to use these events is to be ready to ask her a few questions a head of time. Come up with a short list of questions. Make your questions interesting. You don't want her to be asked the same questions as every other guy.

#8 Date For Fun

Dating is serious, but it shouldn't be so serious that your not enjoying it. When you lighten up you not only take pressure off yourself, but also your date. This way the two of you are more likely to enjoy your time together even if nothing serious does come out of it.

#9 Get Over Your Past

When you fall in love you are also risking yourself to get hurt. The problem is that once you get hurt you start to fear getting hurt again. You have to give yourself enough time to get over things, but also not dwell on your past forever. All fear must be conquered in order to achieve the life that you want. Recognize that there is a difference between the feelings of pain and fear of feeling pain.

#10 Identify The Type Of Woman You Want

One problem allot of guys get themselves into is dating any woman that will have them. Attractive men are picky and set very high standards for the women that they bring into their life. Just dating any woman is a sign of desperation.


Just picking one of those things this week will help you see a drastic improvement in your dating life. If you can work towards all ten then your dating life will flourish.


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